Stay Safe

Precaution is better than cure.

-Edward Coke-

To provide a safe environment to our guests and staff, Stay-In Cinema implemented our Stay Safe program. This is our internal program that standardizes procedures that are focused safety and sanitization.

During the coronavirus pandemic, we are continuing our mobile cinema services in order to bring you safe entertainment. We understand keeping the ones you love safe is the most important thing to you. Stay Safe is our commitment to providing you and staff complete peace of mind during the celebration.


In accordance with CDC and WHO guidelines, we require staff to wear face coverings. Guests are asked to wear face mask when using concessions or working with our team.

Food Safety

Team members obtain and maintain a Texas Food Handler Certification by completing The Texas Food and Safety Training Course that is accredited by the Texas Department of State and Health Services.


We are committed to sanitizing supplies and equipment that aligns with protocols for working to defeat COVID-19 and prevent the spread of disease.

Stay-in and go to the movies!